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Aggie Nonay
I called Lenny and told him that I would make a deal with him. I would try the tonic for three months then I would go in for another blood test and if it does well for me, I would continue taking it. I took the tonic for the three months and then went in to the doctor for my blood test. The doctor could not believe it! My blood test had been the best it has ever been, in all my years. I have been feeling pretty good and I am going to continue taking it, because I could tell the difference in myself. When you know what pain is, it is so painful to be in too much pain. Since I have been taking the tonic, I have been doing fine. I am looking forward to going to that doctor in the next three months and see what she has to say. She did tell me that whatever I was doing, I am doing a great job, because she has never seen my blood tests this good.

Tierra, Florida
My granddaughter, Tierra, has sickle-cell anemia. She is eleven years old and had a lot of problems. Sickle-cell anemia is a blood disease. The blood cells are not round. This disease causes a lot of pain and infections. When the cells cycle, the blood cannot flow easily through the arteries.
These abnormally sickle-shaped cells are both rigid and sticky. They stick to the walls and cannot squeeze through the capillaries. Blood flow becomes obstructed, depriving tissues and organs of oxygen. In the immediate setting, oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) can cause severe pain (the sickle-cell crisis). Over time, it leads to chronic and progressive destruction in organs and tissues throughout the body.
Tierra suffers from leg cramps, fatigue and dehydration. The red blood cells are low because the white cells override the red cells. Her blood count would go so low that she would pass out. I put her on JC Tonic and now her blood count is normal - after only six months! The pain is gone, no more headaches and her grades are up. She can even participate in P.E.

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